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Advertising Your Home

By Brandon Hansen

Planning Your Advertising

The most obvious marketing tools everyone uses, things like flyers, internet ads and open houses really are only moderately effective. The true power of marketing and advertising your home is being able to reach as much of the market as possible. The fact is that less than 1% of homes are sold at open houses. Agents use open houses to attract buyers, not to sell your home.
Here are some ideas you can use to advertise your home.

Post Your Home Online

Internet advertising is the first place you should start when advertising your home. While there are several websites you can post to, there are only a couple that you should worry about. They will bring you the bulk of your traffic. The websites you should post your home to are,, and There may be reasons you would want to post your home to other sites, but these are the first ones you should focus on to begin.

Advertise For Drive-Bys

In addition to advertising your home online, you should invest some money into the flyers and a “For Sale” sign. Depending on the location of your home, you will get a fair amount of people that are driving through your neighborhood and have interest in your property. Most of the people that pick up the flyers will be curious neighbors looking for information, but if they like the neighborhood they will pass along your flyer to family and friends that they want to move in.

Create A Virtual Tour

There are several online sites which allow you to create a virtual tour of your home for a small fee. Potential buyers will be more interested in looking at your property online if they can walk through your home virtually. Chances are they may even spot something in the tour that catches their eye and makes them want to come and take a look.

There are even newer services that will create a 3-D walkthrough of your house that you can post online. This will give potential buyers a feeling of actually walking through your house, even if they are sitting in the comfort of their own home.

Write A Compelling Ad

When writing your ad that will be used in your marketing, stay consistent across all the channels of advertising. Get into as much detail as possible including square footage, acreage and any other features. It’s also smart to include the tax assessment for the property. Buyers should be well informed before they ever come to your home so you don’t waste their time or yours. Accentuate the positive and talk up the homes good points. Be honest about the negative and disclose any problems with the house. The problems will all come out eventually so do not try and hide any past issues. With any issues that may cost money, you can always state in your ad that the price is reduced to compensate for the repairs the house needs.

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