Be Ready For A Quick Showing By Creating A Family Emergency Plan

Posted on Posted in Selling Real Estate

When you list your home for sale, inevitably you will receive a call or text from someone who wants to come see your home on short notice. This can lead to a stressful few minutes while you scramble to go through the home picking up any messes and rushing out the door wondering if you forgot something.

You can avoid most of these problems by simply having a family emergency plan for showings.

Plan with each of your family members and assign certain jobs for them to do when the time comes where you need to get the home ready on short notice. Everyone should agree to spring into action to have the home ready and be out the door in 30 minutes or less.

In today’s market you will probably only have to go through this a few times until the house is sold. But being prepared for the quick showing even once will relieve a lit of stress that you may feel in your life. With everything else that is going on, this is one less stress you can avoid.

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