When Buyers Are Coming To Preview Your Home, Do Them A Favor And Turn On All Your Lights

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This is a little bit of a follow up to the last video that was published but it’s an important tip. No matter if it is the morning, afternoon or night, turn on all your lights before the potential buyer comes and sees your home. It goes back to making the buyer and the agent feel comfortable about being at your home.

It may be hard, but put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and their agent. Here are some complete strangers coming into your home and looking in every closet, pantry and room upstairs and down. You are used to every nook and cranny, but the buyer wont be. Don’t make them feel uncomfortable about opening the door and not knowing what they will find.

Take the time before you leave the house and turn on all the lights. Every closet, crawl space, bedroom and anywhere else they will be looking. It may take a few minutes to go through your house but you will leave a much better impression on the buyers and their agents.

Most of the time the agent will turn off the lights when they are done and leaving the home so you don’t have to worry about them being left on for an extended period of time.