When Selling Your Home, Open The Shades and Let In The Light

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One of the pet peeves of Realtors when they are going to show homes is to walk into a home and have all the drapes and shades drawn. The Realtor showing your home is on your side and would love to get it sold to their clients, and you can help them do just that. They are hoping to open the door and have the room and home shine bright and welcoming so their clients have a great first impression and feel like home.

You can help the situation by opening up the blinds and the shades on your windows so to create a feeling of openness. Plus you’ll probably want to show off the views from each room (unless of course it’s an undesirable view).

Natural light is a benefit and people tend to be drawn to it, so open those window shades, pull back the blinds and let in the light.